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Genuine Ostrich Leg and Calf Slip-On - Black
Genuine Ostrich Leg and Calf Slip-On - Black
Your Price: $395.00
On sale: $249.00 On Sale
Marcello Italian Calf Irregular Weave Slip On - Brown
Marcello Italian Calf Irregular Weave Slip On - Brown
Your Price: $395.00
On sale: $210.00 On Sale
Mondo Brown
Mondo Brown
Your Price: $380.00
On sale: $195.00 On Sale
From the Tuscany region of Italy, Zelli International is proud to offer classic footwear and accessories handcrafted from the finest Italiancalfskin and other exotic leathers. Our success is built on a basic concept which is twofold. First there will always be a demand for excellence and quality. Secondly, eliminate the middleman and lower the price point.

At Zelli, old-world craftsmanship and traditional styling combine with modern business principles to create a product without equal. Add our exceptional customer service to the mix, and the composite is a company that truly thinks "outside the shoebox."

  • Quality Leather Footwear
  • Imported form the Tuscany region of Italy
  • Featured in the finest men's stores and country clubs in the USA
  • We use only premium leathers such as ostrich, crocodile, lizard, peccary and more
  • We specialize in narrow widths

This site functions primarily as a vehicle to present either (a.) new footwear ideas, prior to their becoming a part of our current line or (b.) an avenue to offer overstocked or discontinued styles. Either way, we believe the numerous styles you will review offer tremendous value with our many classic looks not often seen today. "Value" is the combination of a handcrafted Tuscany, Italy product combined with a price point hard to find anywhere when combined with the right to return if you don't like, you can't lose.